Classical MIDI Organs


Daniel prayed . Do you ?

  New Sweelinq organ released  !!!

The Ide Boogaard Organ of the Ichtuskerk in Urk ( The Netherlands )

a three manual organ ( Hoofdwerk Rugwerk Bovenwerk and Pedal )

Do you have already a Sweelinq account then log in and download this fantastic organ .

If you do not have a Sweelinq account then sign up for the free 14 day trial period

during which you can play the organs for free !

Have you seen the latest edition of the Feike Asma  Concours 2023 ?

See it here Feike Asma Concours 2023

Sweelinq also has the 1743  Hinsz Organ of the BOVENKERK in KAMPEN - The Netherlands 


       There are several virtual organ programs ( VPO) available

1.Hauptwerk ( is the most well known of all of them - Lifetime purchase fee or monthly fee available . Probably the most extensive but also very expensive and can be rather complicated for the beginner Virtual Organ Player.  Several 1-2-3-4-5 manual organs available
More advanced reguirements for Hauptwerk program

Hauptwerk screen examples

2. Sweelinq My preferred software  new - recently developed . Very easy to install and run . Takes considerable less memory and storage on your computer. One yearly fee of 99 Euros includes all the organs ( You DO NOT pay extra for each organ- unlike Hauptwerk where you have to buy each organ individually ) Fast loading time- Also now available the 4 manual organ of The Bovenkerk in Kampen - The Netherlands - several 2-3-4 manual organs available. Minimum computer reguirements are very low for this program


MIDI Modules available for sale - see bottom page

If any questions : email me(bottom of this page) and I can help you setting this up .Sweelinq has a Q&A section on their website

3. GrandOrque ( former MyOrgan)

4. Modartt  (


Please DO NOT CONTACT ME ON SUNDAYS- only on weekdays....

For Sale New Hardwood Swellshoes set of 4 complete with MIDI module- ready to connect to your MIDI organ or Keyboard

$ 300 ( also set of 2 or 3 available)

Preset piston rail x 22 Presets $ 75
Crescendo shoe 12 contacts originally from pipe organ $ 50
Toestuds (8)New Originally Roland complete with contacts and screws $ 150

2 used 32 note pedalboards- with or without MIDI

1 like new almost NO contact system $ 600 as is or $ 800 with MIDI modules ready to connect to your computer
or music instrument ( like keyboard etc) Email


Older 32 note AGO size pedalboard has contact system but no MIDI Modules
$ 300 as is or $ 500 with MIDI Email


If you want to know what MIDI organs are then go to
A lot of people asked me lately about a cheap and functional design
for naming organ stops without the use of expensive mini LCD screens or LCD touchscreens
So here is my idea :
I started from the idea of using a board for 32 draw knobs
32 because 2 x 32 makes 64 and most MIDI modules have 64 inputs
Questions about MIDI keyboards - Modules - pedal boards  - computers etc Email
MIDI Modules 
Because of the possibility to connect 16 MIDI modules to 1 Master Control Unit - it is possible
to play with 2 - 3 manual organs onto 1 virtual organ program .Email for how to do
It is also possible to play a organ from the Sweelinq program- together with an organ from the Hauptwerk program !!! Email  for how to do
Promoting the MIDI modules from Veenema Electronics ( ) Please Email for a quote for a MIDI organ setup !
Some MIDI modules are available in stock and others have to be ordered. Ordering time is about 2 weeks
Flat ribbon cable 8 and 16 strand available at all times as well as IDE connectors for 8 and 16.......
It all starts with a VEMCU ( Master Control Unit ) - To this VEMCU you can connect 16 other modules
by means of a 8 strand flat ribbon cable. VEMCU has MIDI in-out and powers all other modules
Modules available for ( These are the most used modules- others can be found on
Keyboard and pedalboard input ( IDC 64 input common ground / 64 input matrix per module)
Swellshoes - pods ( VEVOL for 4 swellshoes )
Preset Pistons ( IDC 32 input  lighted possible per module
Fatar scanner MIDI Modules available special for Fatar Keyboards
Last updated  September 25 2023