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This is what a virtual screen will look like on your computer

 How does it work ?

  I still hear from people that  go out and buy a old used electronic organ.
These people don't understand the idea of a virtual organ
The idea is to play multiple organs ( pipe organs ) on the same instrument
If you buy a used old electronic organ - chances are it is 1960's technology  ( or 1950')
You are just NOT ANYWHERE close to the sound of a virtual pipe organ.
You only have to check  and listen to many virtual organs and hear the difference for yourself !

By using keyboards and pedal board that have
 build in MIDI capabilities and the use of programs such as Hauptwerk
you can play previously recorded organ pipes !

 Therefore we call it a


( It sounds as if you are playing a pipe organ but you don't see it )
You can choose from several hundreds of organs
 all previously recorded

Some are free- there is a large number to choose from . 
5 manual virtual organ program that is totally free 
you can find it at
Friesach Virtual Organ has just been released by Piotr Grabowski
It is a beautiful  44 stops  3 manual organ from St. Bartholomäus church in Friesach- Austria 
Here is the download link
Grabowski has  many more free virtual organs available !
Suppliers from Virtual Organ Programs are Etcetera Pipe Organs / Evensong Music / Exemplum Organum  / Inspired Acoustics  / KeyMedia Productions /  Lavender Audio 
Milan Digital Audio / Organ Expressions /  Organ Art Media /  Pipeloops / Prospectum /  Silver Octopus Studios /
Sonus Paradisi / Voxus Virtual Pipe Organs / Piotr Grabowski and many more
New keyboards made in Italy inbox for your MIDI projects new in box
$ 75 each   2 for $ 125  4 for 200
with contact system   $ 150 each    2 for $ 275    4 for $ 550
with sides and framework   $ 175 each   2 for $ 325   4 for $ 650
complete with MIDI modules and ready to play $ 250 each   2 for $ 500  4 for 1000
keyboard frames 2 to 5 keyboards oak natural 
Several used 32 note AGO pedal boards with or without MIDI $ 500- $ 1000
  MIDI modules     MIDI to USB cables -  ( needed for organ to computer for use with Hauptwerk )
2 manual organ console 2 keyboards pedal board bench $ 750
This organ can easily be changed into a 3 keyboard organ with extra keyboard $ 1000
Height adjustable bench $ 500   lots of new keyboards in stock   new keyboards 
Magnetic reed switches  for use with pedal boards etc. $ 1/ each
minimum quantity 35 ( enough to do 32 note pedal board )
Here are some examples of organs and parts that I have been working with 
Custom made stop boards available up 64 stops on 1 board
3 Pipe Organ Keyboards with contact system for MIDI $ 1000
 To contact me EMAIL  



Almost brand new Swell Shoe 1 only $ 100  no connections 

All wood new swellshoe $ 40 each without MIDI module 


New Swell Shoes set of 4 with MIDI module and power supply   $ 200 + shipping  extra swell shoes $ 30 up to 4 in total

Used  New 4 keyboard stack all MIDI  complete with MIDI modules  power supply and MIDI to USB cable
Used New 3 keyboard stack all MIDI  complete with MIDI modules  power supply and MIDI to USB cable
Used New 2 keyboard stack all MIDI  complete with MIDI modules  power supply and MIDI to USB cable


 Sample of console with possible 2 touchscreens 
New Single keyboards for those who want to try out MIDI and Hauptwerk
 Come with 1 keyboard- 16 presets- Volume control ( 4 adjustable controls in total )
Including  everything needed to plug in and play ( computer not included )
This setup allows you play any Hauptwerk organ $ 300
  ( Can be expanded into 2 or more keyboards )
 A very good website to read more about this PCOrgan
PC Organ maintains a data base of almost every virtual organ program available
 Several free virtual organs available 1-2-3-4-5 manual 
When you load any of thes organs to play- all the stops/presets etc are operating
as if it were to be a real console
To make it easier to select the stops to play with your organ :
 most people use 1 or 2 touchscreens ( 1 on either side)
There is a large variety of 1-2-3-4-5 manual virtual organ programs available !
You can either buy a organ and have it changed into a MIDI organ
or you can have a custom console made the way you want it !
You can also buy new keyboards and pedal boards special made for MIDI use
Lighted preset piston rails available ( up to 14 in one rail ) ( 4 rails max )
    Stop tab set complete for Great Swell Pedal      Stop tab set complete for Great Swell Pedal Choir   
These lighted tab stops can be made to work
with lights working by MIDECO module of
                    Also  new keyboard stacks available
These lighted tab stops can be made to work with lights working by MIDECO module of
Lots of Toe studs ( all used ) available
Organ keyboard cheeks wooden custom made any size  
Several tab stop rails  examples are :
Original Allen Stop tab rail with about 30 stops  
Stoptab rail with about 60 stops     - also lighted stop tabs available for newer organs 
1 MIDI Casio keyboard  with batteries and 110 AC  Only 1 left  USED  


Very old original keyboard has contact system $ 500

And finally this used to be my own 5 manual MIDI Hauptwerk organ 
 This page last updated May 2019
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