Beautiful music for a crazy world ...

Like the sound of a pipe organ but not the costs  that go with it ?

Then it is time to consider a Virtual Pipe Organ Ogran !

Thanks to programs such as Hauptwerk and JOrgan ;
you can now play several pipe organs in your very own livingroom !
How does it work ?
By using keyboards and pedalboard that have
 build in MIDI capabilities and the use of programs such as Hauptwerk
you can play previously recorded organ pipes !

Therefore we call it a

( It sounds as if you are playing a pipe organ but you don't see it )
You can choose from several hundreds of organs
 all previously recorded 
Some are free- others you have to pay for
This is what virtual organ consoles look like of course there are many more than just these !
More information 
A very good website to read more about this PCOrgan 
 You should also visit  www.hauptwerk.com
Midi modules may also be obtained from www.midi-hardware.com 
You can also visit www.kijiji.ca  and search for " midi "  or "keyboards" or "pedal board "
or Allen- Rodgers - Conn  Baldwin  and you will see a updated list of items that I have for sale
I have several classical midi keyboards for sale as well as items such as
empty consoles- stop tab rails - ranging from 25 stop tabs  to  50-60 stp tabs -drawknob stop boards
 swellshoes and many more midi related items
Prices range from  $ 1000 for 2 keyboards with MIDI to  $ 2500 or more for a 4 keyboard console with MID and pedalboard .
Large original Johannus speaker system came from Funeral chapel  7 different cabinets
Total output around 800 Watts  Best offer !
Drawknob stopboards  New- several options

Links for Virtual Organ Program Suppliers :

Hauptwerk.nl    Milandigitalaudio. Lavenderaudio    Evensongmusic  Pipeloops  Inspiredacoustics

Organsamples  Prospectum   Silveroctopus  Wustrow-organ.  Appletonaudio.

Duphly    Prudhoemethodist     Jeuxdorgues    Postpiano   Pibrac    Organ.monespace




Please email me at  classicalmidiorgans@gmail.com
Located in Ontario- Canada